Haiti Committee

Sister Parish of Immaculate Conception in Haiti

St. Ignatius has been connected to Immaculate Conception Parish since 2010.  Our support includes that of daily prayers and donations of medicine, clothes, and shoes.   We also financially support to the salaries for the school teachers, and two different school lunch programs that feed over 300 students a day.    Making a difference in a in carrying for the our brothers and sisters is what God has called each of us to do.

For more information contact Jeff Bonny at jeffbonny.sr@outlook.com

We provide the lunch program for the Immaculate Conception Parish School Children
We provide the lunch program for the Immaculate Conception Parish School Children

Our Mission

  • Foster a sense of Christian Community between St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Parish of the Immaculate Conception, Haiti
  • Pray for each other’s spiritual and physical needs
  • Discover ways to share our time, talent, treasure, hope and faith with one another
  • Be advocates for the people of Haiti and support actions that will improve the quality of life for all Haitians
  • Encourage travel back and forth between the two parishes
  • Assist in Feeding and educating Immaculate Conception’s school children

Donations made easy with our online options:

Haiti –  Immaculate Conception  Sister Parish in Villard

Immaculate Conception in Villard, Haiti is our sister parish. Our parishioners help with  financial support to the parish, children’s school lunch program, and teacher’s salaries. Annually we support $44,000 for basic needs to our brothers and sisters in this rural parish. For more information about our mission, please contact the parish offices. Thank you for your donation.

Haiti – BLP Mission Lunch Program

Your donation provides a hot meal a day for the children at the mission school in Bac D’aquin Haiti. There  are 125 students in the school. Your $8 dollars a month will adopt one student.
Haiti sister parish church building
Our Sister Parish of Immaculate Conception in Villard Haiti