St. Ignatius of Loyola is a warm and welcoming parish of almost 2000 families.    We are a community parish that strives to be a home to all who are here in Southern Frederick County, but also welcomes families from Northern Montgomery County or Central Frederick County.

Community Weekends – Typically the first weekend of the month we offer an opportunity to get to know our community in our parish hall.  We have free coffee, juice and doughnuts after each mass that weekend.   The weekend is staffed by volunteers who are here to share a smile and connect with what is going on in our parish.  Many parish based groups set up tables with information about events here at the parish.

Welcome Committee –  Deacon Dave Ebner organizes a team of volunteers to make calls to each new family that registers with the parish.  The Welcoming Committee is here to help new families connect with events and services offered here at the parish.

Employment Ministry – Sometimes we find ourselves in need of employment assistance, be it for un-employment or under-employment reasons.  Dave has experience with resume writing, job counseling and connections with various employment agencies.  To contact Deacon Dave send an email to {email}gkebner@comcast.net{email}


Other opportunities are listed on right hand side of this page.  Just click and explore.  Questions about St. Ignatius of Loyola’s fellowship opportunities not listed, please call Sue Walters at 301-695-8845 x 200 or email her at {email}receptionist@e-stignatius.org{email}