There are two Electronic Fund Transfer companies for your convenience.  We have a partnership with PayPal and Vanco, both are accessible on this page.   Vanco donation account users please enter through this link to VANCO EFT to access your account.

PayPal Options for St. Ignatius Church:

Weekly Sunday Offering to St. Ignatius

 Virtual First Collection For The Greater Glory of God. Thank you for your donation.

Maintenance of Buildings and Property

Virtual Second Collection For The Upkeep Of The Parish Properties.  Thank you for helping us keep St. Ignatius of Loyola a welcoming and beautiful parish.

AMDG Capital Campaign

This donation is an offering to the construction of our new parish church. Thank you for your donation.


Each month we have a collection for the various Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.   Please call the office if you would like to learn more about this donation.

Poor Box/Empty Pockets

 Virtual Fourth Sunday Collection. This donation helps to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters here in Southern Frederick County. With your donation we are able to provide resources for food, rent, utility bills and medical expenses for those in great need. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Catholic Schools

Friends of Catholic Education help families to get aid in order to provide children  the opportunity to attend and receive a quality Catholic School education. Thank you for your donation.


This payment is for a variety of Fundraisers. Please note in the memo field which fundraiser you are supporting. If you would like more information about our many fundraising opportunities, please contact {email} {email}

Faith Formation Tuition

Welcome to online payment for Faith Formation and Sacramental Prep classes. Here you are able to pay for any class or Bible study we offer at St. Ignatius of Loyola. Thank you for your payment.

Youth Events

Pay here for your youth to join us on events. We have monthly socials and trips for Middle School, High School and College students. When paying please note which event you will be attending. Thank you for joining us!

Haiti –  Immaculate Conception  Sister Parish in Villard

Immaculate Conception in Villard, Haiti is our sister parish. Our parishioners help with  financial support to the parish, children’s school lunch program, and teacher’s salaries. Annually we support $44,000 for basic needs to our brothers and sisters in this rural parish. For more information about our mission, please contact the parish offices. Thank you for your donation.

Haiti – BLP Mission Lunch Program

Your donation provides a hot meal a day for the children at the mission school in Bac D’aquin Haiti. There  are 125 students in the school. Your $8 dollars a month will adopt one student.

Faith Formation Gifts and Donations

Your donation to Faith Formation helps to sponsor children to participate in our programs and to enable the parish to bring special events and activities here. Thank you for your donation to Faith Formation.