This Week At St. Ignatius

Sunday, May 20

7:30 PM Field of Honor Meeting MC

Monday, May 21

8:45 AM Communion Service CC

9:30 AM to 9:00 PM Eucharistic Adoration CC

12:00 PM Seniors’  Luncheon SH KIT

6:30 PM Healing Prayer Ministry Parlor

7:00 PM Holy Dustbusters CH

7:00 PM RCIA CLR 114B

7:00 PM Venture Crew 118A

7:30 PM K of C Council Meeting SH KIT

7:30 PM Ladies Auxiliary MC

Tuesday, May 22

8:45 AM Mass CC

10:00 AM Adult Bible Study SH

6:30 PM Cub Scout Pack#796 Meeting SH

Wednesday, May 23

8:45 AM Mass CC

11:00 AM Prayer Shawl Group MC

6:00 PM Youth Band Practice CH

6:30 PM Boy Scout Meeting SH

7:00 PM VBS Craft Group CLR 108

Thursday, May 24

8:45 AM Mass CC

2:00 PM Red Cross Blood Drive SH

7:00 PM K of C Officers Board Meeting MC

7:30 PM Liturgical Choir Rehearsal CH

Friday, May 25

8:45 AM Mass CC

9:00 AM Bulletin Stuffers CR

Saturday, May 26

8:00 AM Field of Honor  SH KIT



CC         Country Church  

CH        Ijamsville Church      

CR         Conference Room 

CLR      Classroom

GR        Growing Room

MC       Media Center

SH        Polk Social Hall